You’ve Hired Top Talent – Now What?

Understanding Individual Skills

The most successful companies take the talent they have already hired, and turn them into an efficient and high-functioning team. But it takes a management team who shares a strategic vision, to harness the variety of skill sets and personalities into one cohesive group. It is up to those individuals to create the situations that allow individual talents to work collectively and share the company goals.

The Hard Part Begins After On-Boarding

Attracting and recruiting the top talent has become a competitive endeavor again, and the process can be exhaustive to the managers involved in the direct hires. So you landed that top talent and have a great on-boarding process, at this point it is crucial for leadership to create situations where employees can interact in a collaborative environment.

Different technical functions can mean that your people only meet through happenstance, and never have a chance to fully appreciate each other’s roles within an organization. Unfortunately, this can lead to a breakdown in trust and respect amongst the group. When individuals fully grasp their value as part of the collective, it can boost the functionality of the entire team.

A creative management team, with a shared commitment of optimizing their talent, has to determine what systems work best in their environment. It may be a changing the organizational chart, developing an internal development program, or redesigning office space for a more interactive flow.

Reaping the Rewards

Once the lines of communications open, the level of trust and respect for each other’s competency starts to grow. This can lead to overall improvement in efficiency, productivity, and job satisfaction. Employees begin to problem solve more effectively and improve on their task delegations skills.

Companies with an integrated team culture have the advantage in a competitive recruiting market. The effort it takes to attract and retain the top performers in your industry begins with what you have in place and what can be improved upon.

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