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objective and discrete experts

We enjoy working with executives and managers who may need an objective and discrete experts opinion on their specific circumstances. Our career coaching service helps the individual define their personal needs and career path. So many of our candidates simply need an objective, yet highly qualified, assessment and strategy session to guide them through tough decisions.

CS Partners Consulting Services differ from executive search because we work with individuals with the understanding of fully addressing their individual needs going forward. That may include deciding to change industries, pursue a graduate degree, large company versus small company, compensation assessment, navigating through mergers and acquisitions, or changing careers.

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Giving Back

So many of our executive search clients effectively utilize our Consulting Services practice for talent analysis, on-boarding issues, and executive development. Our team may collaborate with the Firm Management Committee, Human Resources team or C-Suite Executives to strategize on a special project or particular issue. Our primary focus is on talent, which we believe is the strongest asset of any company.

CS Partners Consultants are cross-functional experts in our markets, therefore, we can create a team specifically designed to address each clients specific needs. We work to gain a thorough understanding of a client’s culture, future growth, as well as any existing issues causing distress. Our focus and attention will result in an actionable recommendation, plus, assistance with implementing the next steps, and staying involved until positive change is achieved. Having a smaller firm means we are approachable and accountable to our clients throughout the entire process.



Our professionalism means we hold ourselves to a higher standard of integrity and compassion. You will feel better knowing a portion of all proceeds from CS Partner Consulting Services are donated to helping our United States Military Veterans receive the training and services they need to grow and achieve in a career path for their civilian life.

Please contact either Susan Hinchey ( or Cherie Montou ( for initial consultation.

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