CS Partners/Construct Studios

Our Approach

Whether you are a growing company, an established brand, a new graduate, or seasoned executive -- we take the time to learn about your background and interests. 

Our process begins with the initial contact. Knowing the relevant questions to ask deepens our understanding of each search criteria and helps us to plan the best course of action in a timely manner.

Through decades worth of conversations and networking, we've built an invaluable database filled with thousands of passive and stable candidates who possess a particular skill set for each search assignment. We can efficiently access the right potential candidate and begin qualifying them for an introduction.           

We want our clients to be excited about opening our emails, so we will not waste your time (or ours) sending you resume, after resume, of inappropriate candidates.

As the interview process begins, with respect to each company's culture and schedules, we assist with all the necessary preparations and logistics for both clients and candidates. Because each placement has a unique set of variables, our years of experience provided us with insight to help facilitate creative solutions while best serving the interests of all parties...and closing the deal.

Finally, we are available throughout the onboarding process to ensure everyones satisfaction with the new situation. 



Experts in Recruiting Across Industries

CS Partners works tirelessly to stay at the forefront of industry knowledge in every market we serve. Our expertise begins with recruiting and ends with each position we help fill.

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Our Reputation

While other recruiting firms may have more manpower, CS Partners/Construct Studios adheres to stricter ethical standards and brings a more personal approach to our work. In general, we have an equal or greater amount of industry knowledge in recruiting. The firm's full-cycle recruiting process remains top-of-class even as our group continues to expand our footprint.

More than any other competitor CS Partners/Construct-Studios has: 1. An unwavering commitment to high ethical standards 2. A relationship-focused and pleasant approach to our work that includes an honest and candid approach to both clients and candidates 3. A deeper understanding of the technical aspects of recruiting that contributes to success across all clients industries. These three characteristics should be considered CS Partners key differentiators.

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